The Greg Dudzienski Trio and The Leland Baker Quartet at our August 1st show. Killer sets by both groups.

Know anybody who stills needs convincing? This list is a decent starter course for those who have yet to see the light.


There were several important records released in 1959, but no event or recording matches the importance of the release of the new Miles Davis album Kind of Blue on 17 August 1959. There were people waiting in line at record stores to buy it on the day it appeared. It sold very well from its first day, and it has sold increasingly well ever since. It is the best-selling jazz album in the Columbia Records catalogue, and at the end of the twentieth century it was voted one of the ten best albums ever produced.

Jeremy Yudkin writes about the classic album over on the OUPblog. Above, you find his bibliography and a great selection of books about the great American jazz musician. 

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Yep, pretty much sums it up: but lest we forget how cold the winter was, so really this isn’t too shabby! Hope you all are doing well. This far I’ve had a fairly busy couple months so I apologize that my correspondences haven’t been timely. However, we do have some great music coming up over the next several months so strap in and get your date books out!

First of all I need to say that our last show was astoundingly attended. We had a lot of people come through, check out the sounds happening on stage, and at the end of the night the musicians got to go home with some decent bread for their efforts. So a sincere thank you to all who came and helped make last show by far one of our most successful nights. If you weren’t there, you missed your chance to see People Of The Way play a killer debut set that showed us all that no matter how long you’ve been doing it or playing together as long as you remain authentic to your sound you can craft beauty. Kamchatka was also outstanding with their own twist on the wide spectrum of jazz they covered. For a group whose members are constantly shifting, they pulled off a superb block of tunes and made it sound as if this band was on their 25th anniversary tour. A great night all around. Now, let’s keep the good train rolling!

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Jason Moran,
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Refraction 1 - Jason Moran

Album - Artist In Residence

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The weather is once again on our side: No more cold or snow, it’s all sunshine and good times from here on out. And what better way to celebrate than going out to see some excellent , local jazz. We’ve got some really interesting groups scheduled to perform in the coming months but first let’s talk about when last we met.

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