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Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz, Sonny Stitt,
For Musicians Only


Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz & Sonny Stitt - Dark Eyes

For Musicians Only (1958)

Personnel: Dizzy Gillespie - trumpet; Stan Getz - tenor saxophone; Sonny Stitt - alto saxophone; John Lewis - piano; Herb Ellis - guitarRay Brownbass; Stan Levey - drums

Even though it’s from “For Musicians Only” I’m sure Diz wouldn’t mind everyone diggin’ this tune. Incredible line up on this record!


But don’t worry, we are here to help: Seems like the jazz community is flooding Providence with plenty of good vibes lately. So far I’ve heard about two new regular jazz events coming soon, we just help restart the jazz jam over at Aurora, and we have AS220 booked through April. With all this happening and so much more to come, how can you possibly decide who and what to go see?! Well, in case you needed a hand, here are a few things coming up that I’m sure you all will love.

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Robert Glasper Experiment - Big girl body (live @KCRW)

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Starting on September 10th, there will be a brand new monthly jazz jam taking place at Aurora in Providence. This event will be held on the second Wednesday of every month and will feature a house band made up of great local talent, and will be hosted by your’s truly. Here is the official press release:

Providence—Jazz fans and musicians of all ages are invited to an inaugural jazz jam on September 10th from 8 pm to 11 pm.  The jam will be hosted by Aurora, at 276 Westminster St in downtown Providence, on the second Wednesday of each month.

Leading off as the house band will be Leland Baker on tenor sax, Clay Nordhill on guitar, Sam Kurzontkowski on bass, and Jungho Kang on drums.  Well known for their compelling original compositions, they are versed as well in the standards.  ’Standards are a integral part of the jazz tradition. A lot of the jazz master first perfected the “language” over tunes from the American song book before creating original compositions.’, said Baker.

Ben Shaw, who hosts the bimonthly series Is this Jazz? at AS220, will MC to ensure a smooth exchange of musicians with the house band.  ’It’s an honor to support this effort to fill the void after the great Roots Cafe closed’, said Shaw.

Aurora has all three music licenses so all jazz standards can be played with full due to their composers.  The house band will rotate monthly to accommodate an array of jazz styles, and to showcase different musicians.  A $5 donation will support the house musicians and MC.”

I am truly blessed and excited to be a part of this exciting new thing happening in our city. However, know that while this will go on as long as it possibly can, that it is 100% dependant on having you all attend and show this town how much we long for a thriving jazz scene. Please come down to join and jam with us, we need your support to make this a success!

In the ever evolving musical world, jazz has appeared to remain static to many listeners; a genre that from the outside seems to be stuck in a forgotten time. However, as countless cultures around the world embrace this art, it has become so much more; an enigmatic mixture of styles and sounds still deeply rooted in the same basic principles that have separated it from all other music. Yet, with the wide breadth of sonic possibilities presented, there tends to be a great deal of confusion about what jazz is in our world.  Our mission is to provide a variety of musical experiences that will encourage the listener to question everything they hear and decide how they define jazz for themselves. We are testing the outer limits of what jazz can be.  You can help us decide…is this jazz? 

The Greg Dudzienski Trio and The Leland Baker Quartet at our August 1st show. Killer sets by both groups.